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Family Ministry

Family ministry is an important aspect of the work of all christians. Whatever your family looks like and wherever you are on your faith journty, there's a place for you at St. Andrew's. Our love-based, open-minded approach to family means that everyone belongs. Our family ministry approach combines community outreach, congregational engagement, relationship building, and education to invite all family members to be be fully immersed in the church experience.


On Sunday mornings, infants are welcome to stay with parents in the worship service. We love and invite the virant energy and life of families in church. However, if parents would prefer our staff and volunteers are happy to care for your youngsters in our well-equipped nursery. In either case, you can find, a crib, change table, washroom and all the other necessities in our nursury adjacent to the sanctuary.



The Sunday School ministry at St. Andrew’s offers an engaging approach to deepening their faith.  Children begin their time of worship with their families in the Sanctuary, then share some inter-generational time in the serivce. Next, they will participate in diverse age-appropriate experiences which will broaden their understanding of church, faith, and community.

Here at St. Andrew's our Sunday School approach is designed to explore faith in inclusive, non-judgemental ways. We acknowledge that modern kids are critial thinkers with natural curiosity to understand the world around them, their relationships with the world, and their own identities. Tackling the big ideas in fun and engaging activities and conversations allows children to develop a personal faith understanding. 



Our family ministry thrives through caring, compassionate volunteers. There are myriad ways for you to be involved, either ongoing or for occasional events; any time commitment is appreciated.

Children benefit deeply from a team of intentionally kind adults. Each of you have gifts or talents that can enhance a child's church experience. Let our leadership team work with you to discover how to get involved.

For information, or to sign up, please contact our Children's Ministry Coordinator, Erin Stirling.

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