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Our community gathers for worship

every Sunday at 10:30 am. 


Worshiping together on Sunday mornings is one part of what we do as a
community. Everyone is welcome at any of our services, whether you’ve been

around here for a long time or have never stepped inside a church.


We find hope, love, support and community when we get together to worship.

What Does Worship Look Like?

Our regular Sunday worship usually follows a form, but within the form there is variety. We pray together, we read scriptures aloud, and we sing hymns. Brittany Borges and Greg Simpson spend some time with children and the young at heart. Greg Simpson offers a  thought-provoking message. 

Devon Hansen leads our music including congregational songs accompanied by our majestic pipe organ and grand piano, as well as offerings by our choir, handbells, guest soloists and instrumentalists.

Screens at the front of the church help make sure everyone knows what’s going on. The lyrics to the songs we sing and the words to our prayers are displayed there. 

Do You stream the service online?

Yes we do! Since March 2020 we have been live streaming our services on Facebook Live via our St. Andrew's Facebook Page. Don't have a Facebook account? You don't need one! Click here to view our service.

Will I Fit In?

Everyone is welcome at St. Andrew’s United Church. No matter what you believe, what you look like, who you are and what you wear, you are welcome here. God loves everyone exactly how they are, and we strive to as well.

What About Kids?

Children are welcome and included in our service time. We offer a Sunday School program for children of all ages that starts part-way through our service. There is also a fully-staffed nursery for our little ones.

St. Andrew's United Church
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