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Red Scarves

The Outreach Group wish to express a multitude of thanks to each and every person and friend who contributed to our red scarf campaign this year. We had an overwhelming record of 75 red scarves received. To let you know, all did not go to Aids Support. They lost their director this year and because of COVID-19 were not able to carry on their previous fund raising displays and monthly meetings. Some scarves went to our own Benevolent Fund and to ROCK (Reach Out Chatham Kent) where they are still being received and used by those in need.

Since we have such a tremendous set up for making scarves, we will continue to do it next year but now the 8" x 60" scarves can be done in any colour. If you or a crafter you know have left over wool from other projects we would love to receive it so it can be turned into a patterned creation. We will still have balls of wool of many colours to hand out in the new year. Scarves can be made for both men and women. If you know someone who loves to knit hats and mittens for school age children and adults, we have an outlet for them as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the office and ask for Sue Preston's contact info. Thank you again for your tremendous support. You continue to help so many people in our community.

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