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Summer Projects!

We usually all have one project or another on the go. Most projects involve some intensive labour. Sometimes we call our "projects" by another name.

  • The "bucket list" - something you want to accomplish in a set time period.

  • The "DIY list" - something you want to do on your own.

  • The "Honey Do list" - for those who have a partner that likes to provide some input to what should be done.

  • The "Get-R-Done list" - for those with a no-nonsense/take charge personality.

It doesn't seem to matter what we call our project - it's on a list and something we want to get done and it involves some work. Hopefully, we can add in some fun to ease the burden along the way. Our projects... or lists, usually involve a goal of making something better.

Did you have a project identified? If so, how is your "Summer Project" coming along? If not, you still have some time...


Shown here are two of my "summer projects this year.

Project: Painting my mom's old picket fence

Perks/Benefits: Using power tools! My son loaned me his Electric Sander...BZzzz!

Motivational Tool: Counting things helps me to break the project down. It also helps me to see the progress along the way.

Numbers: 209 boards to paint. UGH!

Goal: Paint at least 15 boards every time you pick up the paint brush and paint can.

Current Status: A work in progress.

Good News: 27 more boards to go! The end is, alas. in sight!

Project: Cleaning up an old metal urn that a church friend gave me

Perks/Benefits: 2 Free good quality urns. Only 1 can of spray paint involved, no brushing and no fussing.

Motivational Tool: Envisioning the beauty the urns will hold after completion.

Numbers: BONUS! 10 minutes of time and less than $15 for paint.

Goal: Freshen up an old item and make it new.

Current Status: Complete and planted!

Good News: Who doesn't love a "summer makeover" !

Even the church has Summer Projects, things on the "To Do list" that need to get done

DID YOU KNOW...St. Andrew's organ is approaching it's 100th birthday. To be exact, this milestone event will fall on May 21, 2023, according to one of our history books in the office. Similar to each of us humans, age can catch up with the musical instruments we use and enjoy!.

Dodington & Dodington Pipe Organ Services recently completed some much needed repairs to the organ to help sustain its amazing sound. At the end of June, they replaced the reservoir lid of the "choir" section of the organ. The old leather around the lid had finally deteriorated. It had blown out and cracked off and been getting progressively worse over the last decade. It was time to replace it with two new custom lids.

The project took 3 long days of working in a very hot sanctuary, and in very tight quarters within the organ chamber. The new lid has sealed the choir chest again and it is quieter. This is the first organ project done!

Thank you to everyone who continues to financially support this instrument.

We look forward to future organ restoration projects as funds allow.

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